The Project

Slick & Sons is a family owned butchery and gourmet food experience in Norfolk Island. With an already established look and feel, Slick & Sons knew who they were, and just wanted that presence reflected on web and in print.

The Commute was brought in to solidify their voice, build a fully responsive website, and lastly brand products for their shopfront. Running the project entirely over Google Meet during COVID-19 lockdowns, we were able to work alongside Kyle the co-owner and his husband Pete to put together digital and print projects that are simple and refined, hitting the goal of bringing Melbourne’s deli charm to Norfolk Island.

The website is made to be user-friendly and straightforward to navigate round for the community and full of useful information for visitors to the area. Kyle was already confident with technology, so we wanted to allow him to future-proof his website to be confident to continue on their family journey.

Fully Mobile Responsive

Built with Squarespace

SEO Optimised

1:1 Training and Support

  • Slick and Sons Norfolk Island Desktop Site
  • Slick and Sons Norfolk Island Coasters
  • Slick and Sons Norfolk Island Business Cards

“Working with Nick was a breeze. He hit the nail on the head with my design needs and he made sure every step of the way to communicate clearly. I am continuing to use The Commute for design, website work, email marketing and branding work. Everything that was promised, was delivered. Happy client.”

Kyle Czech of Slick and Sons
Kyle Czech

Slick & Sons

The Process

Slick & Sons is one of the first shops that greet you when you land, so we knew we needed to pack a punch, and established the brand voice to be sophisticated, authentic and cheeky.

We chose to build a fully responsive Squarespace page so that they had the option to sell produce down the line and could facilitate the brilliant new ideas such as recipes and blog posts to educate the community, and allow the site to grow with the brand. Rustic images are used throughout each page to capture the heritage of the area and offset the modern branding.

Lastly we had a 1:1 website training so Kyle was confident to use the tools himself and his variety of ideas to evolve the business over time. Since then he’s successfully built up Christmas orders and got all the tools to introduce their cafe next door, Wildcraft, on a fully optimised site.

  • Double Sided business cards

  • Iconography for Instagram stories
  • Designed Coasters and Totes
  • Developed Website including Copywriting and Graphics

  • SEO Optimisation and Mobile Responsive

After the project Slick & Sons have come back to us to design Christmas cards and stickers for their customers, and we look forward to working alongside them on more projects in future.

Did You Know?

Unlike most parts of the world, Norfolk Island cows are free to roam our roads at their leisure, sharing the space with cars and pedestrians alike.

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