The Project

Urban Magnet Co. is a Melbourne-based brand dedicated to spreading love, good vibes, and nostalgia through handmade refrigerator magnets. Each magnet is designed, printed, and assembled locally using the finest materials, making them the perfect keepsake for yourself or a loved one. Urban Magnet Co. believe in celebrating life’s important moments and breaking away from the mundane to showcase what makes your story unique.

Founder, Mel, approached The Commute to assist in establishing the brand and work to place Urban Magnet Co. at the forefront of customers minds when thinking about unique gifts for loved ones.

Image Upload Functionality

Top-to-to Brand Development

Built with Shopify

Video Content and Photography

  • Urban Magnet Co Mobile Website
  • Urban Magnet Co Brand Elements
  • Urban Magnet Co Website
  • Urban Magnet Co Brand Elements
  • Urban Magnet Co Photography By The Commute

“Nick listened, has been patient & offered the raddest ideas! I was absolutely blown away with the result.”

Mel Henwood
Mel Henwood

Urban Magnet Co.

The Process

In a 3-month engagement we worked closely with Mel and focused on three key areas of priority:

  • A comprehensive brand identity project: Developing logos, fonts, colours, brand guidelines, patterns, and photography recommendations. We also provided image treatments, packaging designs, product labels, and special offer cards.

  • A multi-tier content shoot, focusing on engaging, high-quality photos and 4K video of Mel producing her products, as well as flatlays for use on her online store.

  • An online Shopify store with uploading capabilities, for customers to order products directly from Urban Magnet Co. Search engine optimised, mobile friendly and highly engaging. The build also included comprehensive training, google shopping integration, and Instagram product tagging.

At the core of Urban Magnet Co.’s identity lies a deep appreciation for the advertising and branding aesthetics of the late 60s and early 70s. Drawing inspiration from vintage commercials, films, and advertising campaigns of that era, we curated typography, colour palettes, textures, and imagery techniques to evoke nostalgia while remaining relevant in today’s world. Our design approach pays homage to the enduring appeal of mid-century design, offering customers a journey through the golden age of advertising and beyond. With fluid typography and psychedelic wavy styles, we aim to celebrate individualism and self-discovery while breaking free from the constraints of the mundane.

Working with Mel, the passionate artisan behind Urban Magnet Co., was a delight. Her enthusiasm for her brand and willingness to explore fun and exciting ideas made the collaboration an unforgettable experience.

Did You Know?

Magnets only attract certain types of metals including nickel, steel, iron, and cobalt. Most metals such as copper, silver, aluminium, platinum, magnesium, and gold are not magnetic.

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